2025 Indiana Mustangs Try Out Dates!

Indiana Mustangs

“Developing young men and women who have character and life skills to ensure they can compete in a highly competitive society and make a difference in the world.” 

Our Value Proposition is at the center of our program.  While we strive to maximize our competitiveness on the field, the life long lessons that can be learned from participation in sports such as hard work, discipline, teamwork, sacrifice, and overcoming adversity are much more vital to the success of the Indiana Mustangs.  We strive to recruit and retain players, coaches and staff that exemplify our Value Proposition.


  • Nationally Recognized Teams
  • MLB Debut by Mustang Ryan Pepiot in 2022 (Dodgers)
  • 2015 1st Round Draft Pick,  Nolan Watson
  • 25 Professional Baseball Players
  • 38 D1 athletes since 2018
  • Millions in College Scholorships
  • USSSA Points Leader
  • Over 200 Tournament Championships
  • 9 Mustangs Players rostered on 2016 WWBA World Championship Team

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