“Developing young men and women who have character and life skills to ensure they can compete in a highly competitive society and make a difference in the world.

Our Value Proposition is at the center of our program. While we strive to maximize our competitiveness on the field, the life long lessons that can be learned from participation in sports such as hard work, discipline, teamwork, sacrifice, and overcoming adversity are much more vital to the success of the Indiana Mustangs. We strive to recruit and retain players, coaches and staff that exemplify our Value Proposition.

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Mustangs Program

The Indiana Mustangs Program benefits young players that are seeking higher competition and excellence in instruction in the sport of baseball. The Mustangs have grown over the years from a few teams to fielding teams from elementary to high school. Each team plays strong competition throughout Indiana, and the Midwest and most teams travel to many large tournaments throughout the United States. We pride ourselves on teaching the fundamentals, strategies, and tactics of the game at each level, while focusing on having fun in a competitive and exciting environment. Every player of each team is dedicated to working hard in order to reach their maximum potential while holding themselves to the highest standards of sportsmanship.

Mustangs Training

The Mustangs train out of Roundtripper Sports Academy in Westfield, Indiana. Roundtripper is one of the largest indoor baseball/softball training facilities in Indiana, offering 65,000 square feet of training space, including a 32,000 square foot turf field, 16 batting cages with pitching machines, pitching lab, and a newly expanded weight room. The Academy has three outdoor fields that are home to all Mustangs teams. All Mustang players are provided with a Roundtripper Academy membership that includes unlimited cage use, mound use, and indoor field use. Mustangs players will also have access to some of the finest baseball instructors in the midwest and on-site conditioning programs as well as access to some of the finest sports medicine personnel in the country through our partnership with Community Health Network.


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