Roger Bennett

10U SB

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Clemson University
BS Marketing/ MBA



I grew up in Cooperstown, NY, so baseball was a constant in my life from the beginning.  I spent my summer days camped out at Doubleday field watching 2-3 games per day, going to baseball card shops and hitting in the batting cages outside Doubleday.  That is, until I was old enough to work and then I worked 4 years through high school at the Baseball Hall of Fame.  I was a catcher through High School, but couldn’t quite cut at Clemson.

As I have become more involved with the game of softball, that same passion has developed and has maybe even passed baseball.  I love helping these girls to feel empowered through their experience playing this sport, learning the value and benefit of hard work and being part of a team.  This is my second year with the Indiana Mustangs and my 7th season of coaching softball.  I have my ASA level 3 coaching certification and I am a member of the National Fastpitch Coaching Association.


Why did you choose to be a Mustangs Coach?:

First, I coach because I feel strongly that young athletes should have coaches that care about them as individuals first and their ability and skills as ball players second.  We certainly set our expectations high and they work extremely hard on our watch, but our first rule is to treat them with the respect and dignity they deserve—everything else is second.  We are all competitive and want to win, but in youth sports, success and winning is defined in ways that have little to do with a scoreboard and win-loss record…that just makes it a little more fun!

Those personal philosophies align with the philosophies of the Mustangs program—it says it right on the scroll at the top of the Mustangs Nation web page:

Developing young men and women with character and life skills to compete!

It’s also a huge plus to have an unbelievable facility to train out of that is home to a group of phenomenal instructors that treat the kids with respect and are in it to make them better the right way.


Favorite Thing(s) about being a part of the Mustangs:

It’s really hard to differentiate between this and the reasons I chose to coach for the Mustangs.  So to reiterate, a great facility, a great staff of instructors and people in the facility that all care about the kids along with a great foundation for success for the softball program, which continues to grow each year both in participation, name recognition and success.