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Corey Sullivan


Indiana University

Former Captain of Indiana University Golf team. Big 10 Champion 1998. 3 year varsity Baseball starter in high school. Caught for future MLB pitcher during that time. Broke school record for home runs in a season (1994).

Why did you choose to be a Mustangs Coach?
I wanted to coach within an organization that valued player development over all things.

Favorite Thing(s) about being a part of the Mustangs
More than anything I enjoy the sense of community. Because all ages and all teams train in the same facility you really get to know the professional instructors and fellow coaches personally. Chris, and his staff, know all my players by name and are invested in their individual development and the success of our team. The focus within the Mustang organization is simple…player development! When it’s all said and done that’s what should be every parent’s focus for their son or daughter and you can find it here.